Manuela's Artful Papier Mache Easter Egg

 For years we have given papier mache Easter eggs to our children, and now our granddaughters, filled with candies or gifts.  In the past these Easter eggs have been either newly store bought ones (when you could find them) or vintage ones.

Manuela decided this year she would create her own artful Easter eggs.  She cut a paper mache egg in half and proceeded to decorate them with fabrics, feathers, jewellery and candy wrappers that she has collected.  She even made the cardboard insert that allowed her to join the two halves together once she had decorated the egg.  She has tis one done and is working on another one.  Hopefully the girls will appreciate these artful Easter eggs filled with candies or gifts.  

These eggs could be put onto a stand and put out all year long as there is not a specific Easter theme on the surface.  


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