Tis been a long, long time since last I wrote.

Good Grief!! It's been quite a while.
Last year the summer was spent getting the boathouse into the air while all the cribs and decking were done.  This Summer, from May until September, has been spent picking up on all the other things that needed to be done in connection with the boathouse -and then there was the project.

Mannie and I have often spent 3 months on our island -without tv (we do watch videos and tapes) and without the internet.  So, no blog for a good portion of the summer. And, on top of that, where did the summer weather go?!  I also slashed open my hand with the base of rock I was tossing onto the shoreline (another issue to deal with). I required stitches and could do no work as I bound my thumb to my finger to stop the movements that were continuing to open the wound.  Needless to say, no art work was done and the paintings of the Angst Series has been put on hold until the winter.

Mannie has been in many shows since getting back home -in fact, right now, we are having our open studio during the Headwaters Arts Festival in Orangeville, Ontario.
This year we have Doug Fulford, chainmaille artisan extraordinaire joins us.  He is showing the jewellery he makes using the chainmaille technique.  He actually custom makes chainmaille armour for "knights" who are involved in medieval battles.

Doug and I sitting -we had been talking and he had been working.

Doug has the moniker Lord Normand within the medieval society.  He is displaying the jewellery he makes in our studio.  

Here, Doug has used the patterns and techniques of the chainmaille technique to make this key chain ornament or pendant.

As, we are back home and our studio open, Mannie and I are working each day and I will endeavour to keep the blog going.


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