New Life for an Earlier Fabric Art Piece

Mannie took out an earlier (try almost 20 years) art piece she had not framed.  There were some tears in the silk and so would have had to be redone.  So, Mannie cut out the poppies and repaired them.  She added them to a hand dyed silk background.  She found a round matte and a thin frame and all looked pretty good.  She is deciding what to do with the matte to enhance the image.
Each o9f the poppies had to be cut away from its previous background and repaired.

Extra beading was added.

The poppy pieces were rearranged with the matte and frame.  Mannie put some material next to the poppies to see how it works with the frame and image.  We shall have to wait and see what the final product looks like.


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