A Few More Oil Pastel Paintings in a Few More Days

Over the last whale I've worked each day on a new oil pastel painting.  I have amassed a few as I have taken time to put Mannie's work on the blog as well.

Albeit my oil pastel works are only 5" by 7" pieces., they do present unique challenges. The pastels I am using have  a thick tip which makes getting into small areas a little difficult.  I may need to whittle a point on the pastel in order to get to the smaller spaces -or buy a set of Sennelier oil pastels that come with a point.

I am having fun determining colour combinations that work together to create harmony and/or contrast.  I am limiting my blending to about 3 colours because to add any more seems to create a muddy appearance. And once two layers are on the oil pastel for a third layer either slips about  or grabs the layer beneath and puts pits in the work.

Remember, too, I have not abandoned pyrography as I now burn the image lines into the paper to create the look you see here.


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