A New Embroidery Piece -Mannie is hard at work

 Mannie just keeps on working; embellishing her dyed material with beads, thread, ribbon, lace, whatever is available. We bought a new light with a magnifying class attached that stands by her seat on the sofa and is always handy and always in use  -even when watching tv.

As night time descends Mannie continues to toil.
look closely and you will see the lace affixed to the material she had hand dyed.
She is preparing for her next show.  Presently she and I have our work up in the village library for March and April.  The library is hosting members of the Riverbend  Artists of Grand Valley throughout the year.  RAGV, the artists' group we helped form, is working with other village groups to complement their events and showcase the art works and performances of RAGV members.  We have a full slate of events this year.  In sending out news release for RAGV I ended up being interviewed at the local radio station.  Apparently I tap my feet when speaking and that went over the air.  Nevertheless, I was invited back.  Mannie and I were both featured in an article in the local newspaper.  This area is busy with artists and artsw/culture events and Mannie and I are in the thick of it.  Busy...busy...busy.


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