Living with Bears in Cottage Country -Showing the Development of a Marshtoon image

The Cottage Life Show is in town heralding the beginning of the cottage season.  People have lots to see and do.  As I perused the events and presentations I was struck by one presenter speaking on "Living with Bears in Cottage Country.:"  Now having dealt with a bear on our island and with one that had broken into a cottage across the bay in order to help itself to the dinner that had been prepared and left while out visiting, I have first hand experience with "living with the bears."  However I mused a bit and pushed the envelop a little.  I mean "what if...."

The idea became a drawing that had alterations made until it felt right for me.
The drawing went to the light table and the dark lines rendered.
I found a program that allowed me to paint the values on to the scanned drawaing .

Then the painted drawing was put into Comic Life and the border and dialogue added,  I don't do the printing anymore.

I enjoyed seeing the four pictures on the blog,  I could see the value of each of the images as I progressed through to the end result ready to be emailed for publication.


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