A gathering of artists

Mannie and i were invited to gathering of artists at Rosemarie's  RA Gallery and Studio.  Some drove from far away and others were nearby.  An eclectic group, I must say.  We started out with a lunch prepared by Rosemarie with additions brought in by the guests. Conversation flowed.  Then we were off to different parts of her studio to work on individual projects.  The afternoon seemed to end too soon  -although it was past 5pm when Mannie and I left -and yet some remained.

John and his acrylic work.  Loved his traveling tool(paint) box
Expressionistic wild roses in an afternoon.
Moi, with my little paint brush and then me better half working on her embroidery.  A little different form the paint being sloshed around by the rest of us..
She swirled and dropped and scrapped the paint across another expressionistic abstract painting.
The ladies from Chile via Toronto.
And Rosemarie, herself, pushing around water soluble oil paints
Twas a great afternoon!  Mannie and I are thinking of doing the same thing at our studio.  But first I have to get some work done.


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