Textile Mushrooms -Creating a Fabric Vignette

We're back! I'm not sure for how long but we're back for now.

Manuela, my wife, embroidered a textile art scene of the red capped mushrooms that come up each year on our island. Mushrooms abound on the island throughout the season and she took many pictures of them. Later she cut and sewed the mushroom forms and then created a small scene of a mushroom gathering.

One view of the sculptured scene.

Manuela machine embroidered her base. The base curled and created a natural looking ground on which to add the mushroom forms. Hand and machine embroidered leaves were added to the base.

A view from the top

And from the side

A close up of the hand made and machine embellished leaves, grasses and ferns. Note -There are her trade mark buttons and bead embellishments!


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