Our "Pinetto" -Arts and Crafts?

Artistry takes many forms. Often, at the cottage, it takes the form of a structure added or embellished. This year we put up a privy and added natural images to, hopefully and eventually, make the "pinetto" (the name was made up and may continue to undergo name changes) blend into the environment.

Note the painted branches, leaves and Monarch butterflies. These were painted over a stain and once completed stained again over top.

When the sun is setting and turns everything to gold even the "pinetto" takes on a glow.
The pinetto had been worked on over two years. Last year my son, daughter-in-law, granddaughter, wife and myself built the base and the walls and then stored them, This year my wife and I put on the floor, erected the walls and completed the job.

Believe it or not this was our 40th wedding anniversary gift to each other. Hmmmm!!! Per chance it says a lot about our relationship!!!! Hmmm!!!


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