Arts and Crafts Interrupted -Reality Sets In

We had hoped to be back home in September, and we were for a short time with a family emergency. However, we returned to the cottage to close it up for the season.

At the cottage we had some work to finish up (check for a later posting) and did so. As we were about to close up rain fell -again!!- for 48 hours. The cottage roof leaked!!!!!

We checked the forecast and there were to be 2 to 3 days of good weather available. And so, without delay, early next morning, my wife and I went to the lumber yard and bought 24 bundles of shingles. She and I transported 8 bundles at a time to the marina. We therefore had to make 3 trips to the lumber yard and back. We borrowed -(I gave the owner a case of beer)- a pontoon boat from the owner of the marina to transport 12 bundles at a time to the cottage. Where, by the way, the two of us unloaded and carried every bundle to our main dock. The whole day had been spent lugging (approximately 70 pounds x 24 bundles =) 1680 pounds (760 kilos) of shingles. They sure felt more like a full ton.

I, feeling like Don Quixote tilting my hammer at the roofing job before me, called upon my two sidekicks to help quell this monster. My wife, as my trusty helpmate for 40 years, was once again up to the task. However, rain was in the forecast and thus we needed to move on this pronto.

Ta! Da! Malcolm, my son-in-law, came to the rescue. Called him on Monday. At the job site the next day after a 2 1/2 hour drive. And with his trusty sidekicks Calvin and Hobbes.
(see: Cottage Life

While waiting for Malcolm, Mannie and I roofed one side of the roof (about 1/3). After lunch we three began on the other side.

The next day -it did take two days for us- we seemed to be working slower but it was because I had to cut around the chimney, hydro and vent piping before we could lay the straight rows. But, get it done we did. Needless to say we were tired each of the two days and after dinner we would all feel asleep while watching a movie.

Very early next morning, after working two days, Malcolm and his sidekicks headed back home as Malcolm had to go back to work.
Mannie and I were most thankful that Malcolm could come and lend a hand. (He lugged the shingles from the dock to the cottage roof by himself as well as hammered in the shingles.)

At present we are home, but we want to return to the cottage to see whether or not we have indeed remedied the problem and to close the cottage once and for all this season.


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