Dealing with the Gold

I had previously burnt images into mirror frames. One of the frames had been painted gold before burning and had given off quite the fumes when burning through the gold.

Therefore, I burnt the other mirror frames prior to painting them gold. When I did paint the gold was transparent and let the wood show through with a sparkle of gold overlay -no coverage of the wood with the gold paint -no good. As you can see, the wood grains are too noticeable and conflicting or distracting on the frame -thus the need to create an opaque background. This inability of the paint to cover the wood grain created a dilemma for me.

I then mixed gold paint with white paint and applied it to the frames. This mixture seemed just as transparent and just using the acrylic white from the jars fared no better. As a result I have had to paint layers of the mixture in order to create a more opaque base onto which I can later add the gold paint -again in layers. This process seems to be on the road to working -but...

I have not been a happy camper regarding covering wood with gold paint. Any suggestions before I go to the next stage?


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