Punch Needle Butterflies

Monarch Butterfly 14" x 17"

close up of Monarch Butterfly

Butterfly on Sunflower 9" diameter

Butterflies with gem stone embellishments. 9" diameter

The punch needle work presented here has been extended beyond the normal work that is traditionally done. Usually work is about 3 inches by 5 inches and the images are often "primitive." Here, as you can see, my wife has pushed the technique and her skills by creating larger pieces and embellishing them with metallic threads and gem stones.

While she is working on creating new aspects to the technique she is also preparing patterns and a beginner's punch needle kit for sale. (Leave a message as a comment on this blog if you wish further information on such a kit or the patterns.)


Anonymous said…
What a beautiful monarch you embroidered. Is this one that you have a pattern or kit for sale. they are my passion and yours is so realistic, I have to try my hand at it.
Kathryn said…
I certainly would be interested in having a pattern and instructions. This is exquisite design. Your talent is very good.
Unknown said…
Ditto for what Kathryn said.
Where can we buy the pattern for this?
Unknown said…
Hi, I would love to buy some of your punch needle patterns. They are more life like and quite stunning. I am new at this craft - crochet has been my forte but it is time for change.
Please suggest a beginners pattern which will inspire me?
Thank you
Carol-Ann Blakeway
South Africa.
Love Butterflies I am interested in buying the patterns your work is lovely the way you had items to enhance the piece.
Margaret UK

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