Sometimes Life Just Gets in the Way

Mannie and I have tried to get into the studio each day -sometimes to create, sometimes to maintain the studio.  However, we have had to deal with some of those maintenance issues around the house.  Like-finishing the deck with railings and gates;

restructuring one side of the small pond that caved in (note the patio part now needs to be repaired);

 or the studio deck that had to be dug out all around and underneath in order to lower it, add rails a pergola and the gate, and now a bbq deck added to the Studio's main deck.
This is the studio, a separate building from the main house. There's the sliding glass doors where I sit to do my oil pastels and paintings.

Each day we get to the studio but sometimes life just gets in the way and you have to do something about it -you always have to deal with what comes along.  Very Taoist.


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