Life gets in the way: Building a Composter

The landscaper (more about that later) took away a multitude of crumbling railroad ties.  But, some were still along the driveway.  The paving crew could not take the rest of the railroad ties away and so I was left with this pile of solid, heavy railroad ties. I could not get rid of them and so I sawed them in half and carried them up to the barn area and arranged them as the composter bin bases to the contour of the southwest garden beside the barn.  Mannie and I had taken all the pickets and caps off the balcony walkway at the front (more later) and so I used them to build up the walls of the composter bins.  I used 4 x 4 posts from the deck we took off the front of the house and fence boards left over from another project.  I did have to buy some more fence boards and 1 x 1 inch pieces for slat guides and slat separation.
As seen from the side of the barn.  1 x1 s were cut into 3" pieces and nailed to the fence boards (slats) to create separation for aeration.  I used 2 x 6 lumber from the barn stash to put at the bottom of the bins to stabilize them.

The first bin with the slats in place.

Looking down the set of three bins that curve around the garden to the left   Note the railroad ties at the bottom of the bin,  the 4 x 4 posts and caps and the use of the pickets and fence boards.

This view is from the other end of the compost bins.  Adjustments had been made to accommodate the bend in the garden to the right.

More use of the wooden pickets nailed to the 2 x 4 s found in the barn.

Note the 1 x1 that are attached to the post to allow the slats to be held in place.

Needless to say, the leaves fell from the trees in what seemed one fell swoop.  I immediately added the leaves to the bins I had just completed.  And so, no art work done by me.  Life just got in the way.


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