One Oil Pastel Technique

I tried at a different oil pastel technique today.

I drew directly onto the illustration board and added the values.

Areas of dark were made darker .  I looked to check the balance of the light, medium and darks.

I used turps to blend the darks and mediums.  When dry,  I sprayed fixative as I did not want the graphite to blend into the oil pastel.

I lightly coloured n the principal colours for the painting  with my waxier pastels.

Now I blended in other colours into the work.  I am concerned about the really dark lines denoting medium shaded areas -especially on the face.  I kept adding until I had got the colouring the way I wanted it.  Where smudging occurred Ithe area and then redid it. used a palette knife to scrape. 

I used my burner to deepen and darken the lines in the painting.  And, finally, I used the Sennelier oil pastels to add accent colours or enriched the colours throughout the painting.

When I put on the matt the composition was more to what I had started out to do.  In the other  pictures I went well beyond the matt lines too ensure all was covered.  


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