Id seeking Ego -the first panel of my new wood burning series

The background in my burnt wood panel series "the Angst of Man" has changed to a jig-saw puzzle theme or motif.  Even with others in the picture the puzzle pieces represent so much  -trying to fit, what fits what does not, events people, character build up, and, and, and...

No matter how I try to control the burn line I do not achieve that perfect line.  And maybe that's all part of the process where there is that play between technique and materials and the artist attempting to achieve that perfect image.

At this stage too much of the repetitive lines stands out.  Painting will therefore be critical to assuring the image stands out and not the motif.

I have 5 more sessions of burning before the painting. If I work too long at a session the wires get hot on the pyro tool to the point they melt -so breaks are required.  The fumes from the burning are another aspect of this method that creates delays.  And I am working in the workshop which is heated to 12 degrees Celsius.  Legs get a little cold.  But, I like the look.

Now that I am no longer fighting the snow, the ice and the melting water, and the meetings and committee work (not true, I do have more of these to deal with), I might just get down to work

I will be finished the burning this week and then the painting begins.


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