A New Quilt Piece- Butterflies Amongst the Magnolias

Mannie has joined a quilting group to further add to her fabric arts knowledge. So off she goes to listen to speakers and to see what new techniques are being used.  Quilting has moved beyond the traditional into the art sphere as fabric art hangings.

This is a square that could be added to other squares to produce a quilt or it can stand alone as a quilt composition.  Here she has begun the work -but who knows where it will end up.

Our granddaughter has been looking at Mannie's fabric art books and was fascinated with the simple, elegant quilt designs of other artists.  She is beginning to have a discerning eye for well crafted art work.  Probably because she spends much of her time with us in our studio.  (She has a studio at home in her bedroom that I had helped build.)


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