Wii mote for Marshtoons

I create cartoons when I have the time -never mind the other arts and crafts I do. But the use of a Wii mote to create an on-computer screen-drawing tablet was too good to pass up. I could then bypass pen and paper, inking, scanning, colouring in a program, texting, sizing, etc in order to ready a cartoon to send for publishing and draw directly on the screen of my computer.

My son, who is into all things "I T-ish" or computer-ish, found a demonstration by John Lee on TED Talks at http://economics.com.au/?p=1428 that shows the use of such a pen, a Wii mote and a computer screen. Check it out!

I used the make-shift LED pen to choose paint brush sizes, colours, etc on the drawing program by touching the pen to the screen and pushing a button on the pen that activated its infra-red LED bulb.

Despite the awkwardness of the pen and the tendency to block the Wii mote from focusing on the computer screen with my body, I was able to draw these cartoons.

Look past the crudity of the line and the coloration. Look at the potential of such a technological procedure using a Wii mote and a LED pen (and for under $60).

My son is going to look at further improvements for me to use to draw and paint; he's also looking to applications in the board room.


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