Marshtoons: Crafters' Muse

I'm at it again -preparing marshtoons for the "Crafters' News" publication that is distributed throughout southern Ontario. I have been trying different methods for putting in the blacks and the grays. In some cases the sharpness is lost when uploading or printing.

Maybe I need to black and gray the original drawings by hand or I need a new illustration program.

In order to figure things out, I needed to check the upload and therefore have put them up on my site.

How they will look going to print in the newpaper is the major question for me and so I will send them as is and if need be resubmit the original line drawings. We'll see.

Note that although I satirize crafting, I do in fact produce crafted items myself, as noted in previous musings on this site. The work is hard and takes the same energy and thought as any other work of art -sometimes more because the art piece must also stand as a utilitarian object as well.


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