Another DIY -door bench

I had some time -not enough to start a piece of art.  I had to clean up the workshop as I have a mess and a number of projects on the go.

While cleaning up I came across an old door I had picked up at the side of the road.  It was a solid door with those lovely panels.

I then found a site,,  that made a bench out of such a door. The site shows how she cut the door and her steps to get a pew like bench.

Now I have a pocket hole tool and have used it often.  On the site she also used pocket holes.  So off to work I went.

The cutting of the door was a little different but I worked it out.  To start, I cut the door in half -across the width.  Then I cut the two halves in half down the lengths.  Later I made further cuts to
adjust to fit.

When joining my seat to the sides I cut into the side panels to create a groove to take the seat panel.   All parts to be connected were glued and then pocket holed and screwed together.
I added reinforcements to support the seat panel because I'm a large fellow and need the support.

The back panel needed to be cut on either end to fit because the seat panel had been put into a 1/2 inch groove on each side panel.

My bench is a little different but reflects the adjustments because of the type of door.  I too kept the hinge and door knob holes as part of the ambiance.

Now my wife has mentioned I could use tongue oil on the bare wood parts so I'm off to add that touch -I like the look of the bench's patina.

I did have to add the grooves in the side panels which took time, time, time.  I also took time to sand all the edges and especially the top seat panel edge for ease of sitting.

Not bad for 4 hours work.


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