teak oil and painted wood -an addendum to the old door into pew-like bench

I took my wife's idea to teak oil the pew-like bench I had made from an old solid wood door.

I painted the teak oil all over the bench -even the painted wood parts.  All the nicks and scrapes were covered and seemed to disappear.  The freshly cut areas still remain lighter but I'll work it out.

Now, after letting the teak oil stay on the bench for 12 hours (6-8 recommended) I found that where the teak oil lay on the painted part of the bench it had not penetrated and had become sticky  -not nice.  So, I took a cloth and mineral spirits (varsol) and wiped the bench down with the varsol and then used a clean cloth to wipe away the varsol.  (Need to deal with the varsol smell -help me if you know how.)  Nevertheless, the bench looks pretty good.

The bench sits in the garage by the back door.  Our boots fit underneath and make a great place to put the them on.  

If you look closely you can see a hinge area and the place where the door knob had been.


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