Black Oak Desk -Painted and Assembed

The black oak desk I have been working on for a long, long time was completed for Christmas.  However the paint I used to give it a hard, shiny finish has taken a long, long time to dry.  So here I am in January with the desk still in my possession.

Soon it will be going to its new home and put to good use.

Straight on the drawers need knobs.  The trays at the top just under the glass (that has yet to be bought) slide out to put in mementos and photos.  The desk measures about 26" deep x 65" wide X 30" high  -some huge sized tempered glass is going to be needed.  I don't want to transport that glass.

Here you can see the trays.  Mannie cut felt to fit in order to ensure photos and mementos do not slide about.  The desk comes apart with two side cupboards and a centre shlf system that gets screwed to the cupboard sides.

I will not be taking on such a project in the near future.  I need to get going on my paintings.

Ta! Ta! for now.


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