A Redecorating Interlude

While in the midst of painting (Conga Line, Old Guard) the call came to help redecorate -lay flooring. Mannie and I responded to the call and packed the van with tools. The duplex was being redecorated for sale. The duplex had served its purpose -admirably I might say, but now it was time for other things.

We worked with our daughter and son-in-law to rip up the existing flooring and lay down new in all rooms but the kitchen in the lower unit. Mannie and I also wanted to see, for the last time, the kitchen she and I had put into the apartment when they had first purchased it.

The duplex has a nice face.

A view of the upper unit from the front door through the living room, dining room and kitchen to the decking that leads to the back yard.

Looking back onto the dining room and living room from the kitchen.

The upper kitchen leads to the deck and yard. This unit has two bedrooms. Everything got a cleaning and fresh coats of paint.

Now to the lower level where Mannie and I had put in a kitchen and, as of late, put in two rooms of flooring -with help of course.

A view of the lower unit -note the kitchen to your left. See one room of flooring.
Voila! The kitchen Mannie and I had put together -we see it one last time. The luncheon counter was made by building a base and then afixing sets of upper cabinets, laying on an 18 inch counter top under which one could put two stools, then tiling , wood trim and wainscotting finished the counter off. We only had a small amount of room to build the counter as you can see from the wall and door to your left.

Farewell dear duplex, you did well.


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