Burning and painting the Conga Line on 109

On the way home I passed this set of trees that danced their way out of the copse at one side and into another copse of trees on the other side. Like dancers in a conga line, the trees writhed and gyrated along the road side and begged to be noticed.

The drawing of them was transferred to a wooden panel, burned with my Razor and then the painting began.

Part way through one of the washes I looked at the work and realized I had made the image muddy. I was concerned I could not fix the image and so left it for a day and worked on another painting. I came back determined to resurrect the image and I think I'm on my way. I now actually like what is happening on the panel.
Every time I go to work, whether drawing, burning or painting, I get into binds and have to work my way out. Such is art -I guess.


Elaine said…

Just wanted to say that I was so INSPIRED yesterday. I have checked out your blog and I love the Conga Line (Peter - awesome work as well) - I wonder what the price is????

Anyway - I did not get a chance to get anything done when I got home and I left my pieces in my friends van - DRAT - I will get them today.

You are an amazing artist and we are thrilled to have met you.

I'll be watching for new work!!!!

Thanks so much for the lovely piece - I can't wait to get it home to hang it in my house!!!!!

Elaine Theriault
Frank Zweegers said…
Nice to see the developments. Great result!

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