Punch Needle Water Lily

My wife took up her punch needle as she sat watching TV. Here she is finishing the waterlily she had drawn onto the canvas. Note: she has other small images drawn onto the canvas that she is going to punch needle later -thus saving space and material.

The special double hoop system allows for the needle to punch through the material but not into her legs. She works on the top hoop and rests the bottom hoop on her lap. The working surface can be made bigger by reversing the hoops. The hoops have special ridges that really grip the material and hinder cloth movement -especially when you realize the force of the needle punching through the material.

The needle is pushed ("punched") through the cloth and a loop of embroidery thread is left on the other side of the cloth. The side she works on has the stitches visible in order that she can punch the thread in rows close together and therefore keep the image, pattern or area closely threaded and dense.

She can produce rhythm in the work by the direction and flow of the thread rows as they follow a contour of an area or the veining of a leaf or petal.

A look at the other side or the actual image in looped threads, allows her to review what she is trying to achieve with the image. If she is not happy, she returns to the working side and takes out the row of threads she wants to redo.

The result is a luxuriously textured image done in the punch needle method.

Many punch needle works relate to more rustic images. My wife is working with images she has photographed or drawn at the pond and garden in our back yard, on outings we have taken, as well as at the cottage on our northern lake. She brings her images home to her studio and draws simple pictures that capture the essence of the image and can be readily seen when punch needled into her finely crafted works.

At present, she is working on developing kits and patterns for sale. Keep posted.


ruben said…
I am looking for the work done by Pauline Klein in the 60's and 70's. I do have some of her neeedlepunch work . If you have any reference I can read . Thanks Ruben.

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