Pyrography: Animals in the Night

I completed the pyrographic burnings of animals out in the dark of night to make into another blanket chest. From various sources I rendered the line drawings onto the plywood pieces, taking into account the nature of the grains of the wood. Then I burnt the images. At one point I had to work outside as the smell of burning wood was lingering and bothersome. I make my pyrographic lines a little darker than most pyrographers would do because the burnt image is their end result whereas my end result is a painted picture.

Now that I have the burnt images completed, I will layer many coats of acrylic paint until I create the night sheen I want. Often this is a serendipitous process as I do not work out the final colours of a painting. I have a vision toward which I work but there will be changes along the way. Painting for me is a journey, an experience.


Nice to see you back up and running! Love the new look and all the new art. Keep them posts coming!!

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