Crafters' Muse

My cartoons for the Crafters News became a deadine to meet. And so, the trials began.
My wife and I have been away for some time building and renovating as well as helping family. Therefore, this blog site has not had an update for a long, long time.
Nevertheless, I spent days preparing the Marshtoons for publication. I sat around trying to come up with ideas that I felt could be put into pictures. The pencil work -moving around figures, determining which angles to use, coming up with characters,etc - took time. Inking the Marshtoon once the drawings had been determined took time. Then I scanned the works into the computer to "paint" them. I had a Dickens of a time computer painting. I even went on line to find computer programs I could use -this was most frustrating, especially with my mac. I finally found one that I could use -I needed a simple one, friendly to my abilities. And the "painting" and rendering of the image for emailing took time.
But, I did complete the Marshtoons and sent them off for approval and use.

We're back!!!


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