Home Decor: A Headboard and Bedding

Our art and craft talents have been used in home decorating as a part of our Arts II enterprises for years. My wife and I work with the "client" to determine their vision for a room and then we make the required items and install them. Often we engage the labour of the clients to defray their costs and to add to their technical and decorating skills.

We were away again putting further touches to a bedroom we had begun awhile ago. (Remember the tin ceiling from a previous post?) This time I built a headboard structure that went through various structural transformations before it became the one that now is affixed to the bed. My wife and the "client" upholstered the headboard and added the buttons (covered with material by my wife). As well, my wife made the pillow shams and reversible duvet cover (the colours seen here have the reverse colours on the other side of the pillows and duvet) in the client's chosen colours for the room.

The vibrancy of the material for the bed's duvet are directly related to the dramatic colors of the bedroom walls. The black accents of the side tables and shelving above the head of the bed add to the drama of a room that already boasts of the tin ceiling. The room's effect is most stunning.


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