"Raven's Night" Raven Series (a pyrographic painting)

Wood burning techniques and washes of acrylic paint are used to render each raven painting. I try to marry the pyrography and paint to the grain of the plywood panels to create an integral art piece.

In "Raven's Night" I am trying to depict ravens as being associated with the night, a moonless night or a night of the Dark Moon.

And, to add to the paradoxical aspect of the raven, as depicted in this picture:
"There are nights when the moon shines so brightly
and everything is ever so quiet.
Then Odin rides through the forest.
These are the raven nights."

Note the attitude of the raven and how that creates a position of the raven to the viewer.

I painted the night in the colours found upon the raven' s back -those iridescent purples, blues, and pearl. I used the grain of the wood panel in creating the rhythm of the Raven's Night.


Anonymous said…
your work is awesome.

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