Life/Art Journals

As part of the artistic process I keep a journal of ideas, pasted pictures, drawings, colour schemes, design concepts, etc that I use for reference when I begin working on one of my art pieces.

I cover hard covered books that contain blank or lined pages and embellish the covers with fabric, machine embroidery, buttons, worked metal, paint, beads, stamping, and all other kinds of craft methods. Some of the covers are permanently applied; others can be removed to put on yet another journal.

On the journals sown here I used moire, lame, and felted ultra suede material , as well as crystal applique, bead sewing, embossed copper, and machine embroidery.

(Note: My wife uses her journals as part of the artistic process I had mentioned in a previous posting, February 02, 2007.)


Anonymous said…
You guys have turned into blogging fools! Your work looks fantastic up on the glog, keep 'em coming!
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