Punch Needle Scarab -Start to Finish

A process showing the early drawing on the cloth to the final punch needle image was the aim of this work on the scarab.

The drawing was made on paper and then transferred to the cloth by tracing the image using a light table. (Here a piece of cloth that had been previously dyed was used -nothing wasted)
My wife then began the punch needle work using metallic threads and shiny cotton threads...
Later my wife experimented with round objects to embellish the image. She settled for a shell piece with a nacre that complimented the colours of the threads.
Here, the finished project denotes the vibrancy of the metallic and cotton threads in conjunction with the nacre shell.
In this picture the colours are more exact to the actual final work. We don't know how the orange-yellow colour of the other images occurred.
And then, a blue semi-precious stone was added to add to the overall image.

Because my wife is constantly developing her own images, she has moments where the colours, threads and embellishments do not work and she has to take it apart and redo. Sometimes there are serendipitous moments where the image takes a turn for the good that had not been realized at the onset of the work. Ah!! Art!!

By the way, should you wish to purchase any of the textile art patterns please contact us at artsii.marshall@gmail.com.


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