Photographing a Painting

Photographing one's paintings to be placed on the blog or a website has turned out to be more tricky than doing the actual art work.

I had looked at an acrylic painting I had done of my wife and myself boating over to the island and wanted to see how it looked in another milieu (my blog site). As you can see I have used a black outline in this painting as I have done with others, and, which I have, as of late, transferred to the burning of the line into plywood.

Now the dilemma. Each photo shot of the same painting has rendered a different image. I took the shots at different angles to be sure and had the automatic flash on. As noted the results are varied and this is a problem when putting one's photos of paintings into brochures and on websites. I need some answers as to what to do in order to have a better, "truer" photo of my work. Anyone?


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