Art Work Put Aside to Build Another Gazebo


As if we didn't have enough to do, Manuela and I took time away from the studio to put up yet another gazebo.  We had had an old gazebo that had been on the property but had become a little rickety, so we had the top torn down and we kept the base.  I re-levelled the deck/base, and then, Manuela and I began to put up the wooden uprights.  We had bought the octagonal gazebo as a kit and so the assembly would follow the process that we had used to put up the other two in our backyard.  

As Manuela and I are over 70 years of age, we took our time and paced ourselves to get the job done.  That meant the first day, Tuesday, June 22, I levelled the base and put up the verticals.  Doesn't sound like much when you write it down like this but let me tell you, it takes time.

I organized the work area.  I have all my tools in the Packout cases, which makes working easier as all tools are at the work site.  And the verticals are up.  And the day is done.

On the second day, Wednesday, June 23, I had to add wood skirting to the base as the base/deck was slightly smaller than the gazebo itself.  Then I re-adjusted all the verticals and Manuela and I put up the framing for the roof.
Manuela does the high work as I am less stable up on a ladder -although I will go up but not for long.

On the third day, Thursday, June 24, Manuela and put up all the roofing sheets. And we completed it just before the rain began.  Again, the work does not seem so hard but all the work was done using ladders -and that takes time.

The replacement octagonal gazebo is not too far from the pond gazebo where we go to sit and watch the fish.  Manuela took this shot in the rain which apparently will persist for the next few days.  We got the work done in the nick of time.

Here the new gazebo overlooks the frog pond near the house.  When we finished the octagonal gazebo we  sat in it and watched the bullfrogs come out of the pond to sit on the edge and watch us.

Everything takes time, especially when you pace yourself and try not to over extend.  Needless to say, I still needed heat and liniment on my sore back -so did Manuela.

What with the work projects at our home and at the cottage, our art work can sometimes take a back seat.

By the way, the octagonal would be a nice place to set up an easel to paint outdoors -or under the pond gazebo


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