Collaborative PyroPainting and Fabric Art: Lake Series

Been a while getting down to doing some art work.  My wife and I embarked upon a collaborative venture.  I would paint what would be construed as the frame and Mannie would use her fabric talents to design the inner picture.  In some cases I did the frame and then Mannie made the middle.  In other cased Mannie made the middle and I came up with a composition to work around her art work.

Both of us have spent a great deal of time at our island cottage and so many of our themes have their origins in nature -lake nature.
 The fish and scenery were burnt into the wood and Mannie came up with the centre to compliment.  Gold was used to paint the water as that is the colour of the water around our island.
This is a close up of the work Mannie did using lichen and stones from around the cottage along with her dying and embroidery skills.

What do you think of our collaborative work.


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