Winter Oil Pastel Pictures - Along the Grand River

I am using the oil pastels to get my ideas down quickly.  Mannie and I had gone to river by the house.  The river had opened and was somewhat high.  During our ventures to the Grand River in our area the water either roiled or just rolled along.  The juggernauts that had once been the pilons for the railroad tracks stood sturdily in the river thwarting the ravages of the ice that had crashed into them and piled up on the island just in front.

Prior to the crush up on the island the island ice and snow was receding.

The underpainting for both oil pastels was done with a variety of oil pastels that are a little harder than the Sennelier oil pastels that I used for final colour.  I am enjoying the pictures done with this medium.  Depending upon how I see this picture in the next week I will or will not add burnt lines. For now, I am leaving the Noodle Pen ink lines you see.  Presently, I don't mind the little flakes of oil pastel that are on the surface of the picture -but I'll think about that for a while.  Hmmmm....

I have been on the internet looking for oil pastel artists and they seem few and far between.  Anyone know an oil pastel artist I could visit?


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