A Pyro/Acrylic Coyote

Life often gets in the way of getting down to doing my art work -but I do try.  I have embarked on a small series on square panels -challenging composition.  Drawing, burning and painting.  So far I have the base coats down and have left them alone in order to come back with a fresh eye.

In our area we have the deer, wolves, coyotes, foxes etc roaming the property or the properties adjacent to ours.  These are the ones I have chosen to paint.

Just some reminisces regarding our interactions.  I had been driving along the highway by our house when this large dog ran long side.  I then realized it was a wolf. Coyotes yip of a summer evening across the river.  The red fox has come onto our lot to catch the rabbits that have homes everywhere.  Deer, what can you say.  Lovely to look at until they run into the side of your vehicle and total it out -not withstanding the loss of the deer.

These and other animals forage in our fields and occasionally wander onto the property -sometimes they are as surprised as you are when meeting.

Brush strokes within the burnt lines are looser but I am not sure if the areas will remain as flat.  I also have not worked in the greys like I have here.  I have also tried to get away from trying to create an exact representation of the animal.  New challenges to workout.  


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