Making More Cottage Cartoons -snowmobiles and lots of snow

After preliminary drawing I use my Light Tracer to ink the cartoon (marshtoon).
Some irregularities showed up and were to be dealt with in "Seashore", my free drawing program.

In Seashore I filled and drew and brushed in the values I wanted.
Then I loaded the photo into Comic Life 2 or 3, once I had opened a blank and added a box.  Once the image had been arranged within the Comic Life box I added the dialogue bubbles and the name of the comic.  The image was named, saved and exported to iPhoto to be emailed or kept.

Up at the cottage there is quite the snowmobiling life.  The trail goes by our cottage when the lake is completely frozen over.  There have been some years with little snow.  Apparently, so far, this has not been one of those years.


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