More Pyro Cat Boxes -burnt lines and acrylic paints

I had another day to work in the studio.  I had to allow time to complete some work for an art meeting with the Riverbend Artists of Grand Valley.
For my pyro cat art boxes:
I chose a colour scheme for the cats -blues and greys and white.
Then I mix a dark and medium of the blue/grey and put in the medium and dark areas as areas.
For the light areas I used unbleached titanium white.
Then I went over each area with a lighter colour of the area and used "fur strokes."
As I neared the finish painted the light areas white and used white "fur strokes" to tie things together.
The eyes were painted last (in some cases first) and the back ground painted.
Then finishing touches were added where I felt it necessary.
I like my paintings to have a relatively bold look, good composition, and an attitude.

Just a little smirky.


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