Life Puzzle Series: Stages of Man -Back from the Show

The "Life Puzzle Series: Stages of Man" has come home from its debut at the Headwaters Arts Festival Art Show.  I had used my traditional  pyrographic lines and fluid acrylic paint to create what I had hoped were bold statements in the show.  The Judge at the juried show had indicated that they had a Magritte quality about them.  Hmmm!?

Chasing Choices

Hunger for Acceptance 

Loves Labours Lost or Won

Preparation for Battle

Awaiting Godot

Coins for Charon

The series almost has to be sold as a series and who's going to do that?

It's getting hard to know what the public will buy.  This has become a concern for many of the artists.  No one seems to have an answer as to why art sales are down.


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