Oil Pastels and Burnt Lines -Ridge Rabbits and Gazebo Bunny Series

For years I have watched the Ridge Rabbits come down to feed and mix it up with the Gazebo Bunnies.  Sometimes they eat side by side.  other times they chase each other around the yard.  And then there are the times they fight -jumping up into the air and boxing with paw or foot.  there's a story in there somewhere.

While walking around the pond something scurried over my foot and under the lilies at the edge of the pond.  I bent down to peer at what ever it was -thinking muskrat, mink  -but not a baby rabbit.  And there it stood, ready to run, frozen for a moment in time.

Now this spurred me to put together a series of rabbit oil pastels  -I have a show coming up this weekend (Delphinium Festival).  I needed to have some new work and so I have been busy -and no time to get to the cottage.

I used oil pastels and burnt the lines into the illustration board.


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