Another Bird Feeder Moment with the Grand Children

And just when we have enough bird feeders I built two more with my grand children.  I had read in Bird Watch Canada that many children know many brand logos but can only name a few birds.  So, by having our grand children join in to make bird feeders they will keep a look out for those birds that come to their" feeders and thus learn the names.  When the grand children come to our place, Mannie and I work with them on projects and so leave our work behind.  This way we pass on the love and skills of our crafts/arts.

Now I changed the way we were to assemble these bird feeders as the larger squirrels can hold on to the top struts of the previously built feeder and lean down to pick out the food.  These bird feeders will not allow that to happen.  The top bowl and tray were picked up at a church thrift shop and what with washers, stop/top and regular nuts, a 1/4 inch threaded rod and a wooden circle and wire we assembled the feeders. (Around $5 each -give or take.)
Note the bottom tray, and canopy bowl, threaded rod, wooden circle, wire struts.

Different bottom tray.  The grand children picked bases and then chose the tops.

Nuts and washers below and above the trays and bowls keep the tray and bowls firmly in place and steady.

The bottom nut is a stop nut so jiggling of the bird feeder does not loosen the nut.


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