Cottage Art Pics Found

On the cottage boathouse we had had the roof redone over the winter. Despite lifting the boat house up higher than before we still had some sharp edges at the corners of the roof.  Thus, I cut and chiselled out fish shapes to handle the 2 inch over hang.  When done, burnt and painted I screwed them under the roof and to the face board.  The water runs off and the sharp corner edges will not hurt nor rip pontoon boats with bimini tops that come to dock.  I kept the solidity of the 2" by 6" so it would not be knocked down and in order that they fit flush to the face board.

Mannie took these pictures and then she could not find them on her iPad -and she did hunt for them.  Today, there they were and so I uploaded them as fast as I could.

And, looking at them, I realize cottage time is closer with each passing day.


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