Other Busy-ness

What with the shows and all we needed to reorganize our studio.  Well one thing led to another as you all know.  To that effect, Mannie and I left to buy a Persian rug for our family room (there went a whole day).  Then a day went rearranging and cleaning the family room to fit the new rug (I needed a trolley to get it up the stairs to the family room.)  Another day was spent taking the old Persian rug from the family room to the studio's main room and then rearranging all the work rooms to accommodate the rugs being rerouted to them.  Amazing how much time it takes to do all this   -and all because we bought an antique Persian rug for the family room.  No wonder I don't get to my art work.  But, I do love Persian rugs!
This rug came from the family room in the main house.  All the furniture had to be moved out and then put back.

This rug came from the main part of the studio to my work room.  All the furniture here had to be moved and returned.  Many of the book shelves etc. had to be moved to put the rug under them.

This rug came from my work room to Mannie's work room.  Her work table had to be moved about to slide the rug under.
And so the days have passed by.

Oh yes! And we have had days of snow that required hours of shovelling and snow blowing.  And recuperating.


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