a New Set of Smaller, Hold-in-the-Hand, Coiled Baskets by Manuela

 Mannie has begun to do a set of smaller coiled baskets to prepare for upcoming events this year. As usual, she has those coils that seem to get out of control and her embellishments of beads, crystals, etc.   And she intends to do a lot of them -along with everything else she does.
4" dia 3"h  $35 "Aqua Marine"  pastel shades (a little less intense than shown.)

4" dia 3"h  $35 "Fire and Ice"  wild red with wild white angel hair and a crystal (can you see it) 

4" dia 3.5"h  $40 "Serpentine"   mother of pearl discs interwoven amongst  the coils

4" dia 3.5"h $40 "Sparkle Brim"
4"dia 2.5"  $35  "Painted Shells"

4"dia 2.5"h $35  "Ring Tail"  really looks more purposely - depends upon the light

email Mannie at artsii.manuela@gmail.com if you want more details.


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