Mannie and Me at the Mill

Mannie and I spent today at the Headwaters Arts Gallery at the Alton Mill.  The Alton Mill is a creative arts centre with professionally run galleries, over 20 artists' studios and workshops, and the Headwaters Arts group who runs its own members' gallery.   The day was spent greeting people and talking about the artists' work on display.  Mannie and I have pieces in the present show.  Today, while  there, Mannie worked on one of her coil baskets, and me, well I did a lot of talking.

The Gallery manager put one of Mannie's baskets onto the Headwaters Facebook page -and here it is.

And, I sold "Silver Simon" and "Reginald, "I am not amused."  pyro-cats.  They went to good homes.
A good day overall.


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