About the Repair of the Boathouse -a Marshtoon

The summer started with our contractor wanting to begin to raise our boathouse out of the water, repair it drop it back down and then add docks all around.  What started out at 2 weeks ended up being completed in October!!!!
Mannie and I went upto the cottage in June.  We tore the top and structure of the east and back docks.  then the contractor and his crew came in and tore up the cribs removing the rocks and cutting up the wood of the cribs and throwing it upon the island.  Mannie and I then cut up the logs, took out the nails and distributed the logs about the island to stop the erosion of the shore line.  (Another matter to plague the island).
Throughout the work period the fish, turtles and animals were nary to be seen.  Thus this Marshtoon - the other side of the boat house raising equation.

Once the boathouse and docks were finished the fish returned, as did the turtles and the frogs.  The resident mink actually hopped up onto the large dock and came up to Mannie and I -probably to inquire as to whether or not work had finished.  Ah!! Cottage life.   A lot of blood, sweat and tears this summer -at least on my part.

All this and preparing for the art shows we had committed to being in.


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