Mannie's Fabric Art and Peter's Pyro/Acrylic Paintings in Many Displays

Mannie and I have a number of art works on display in a variety of places in and around Orangeville, Ontario.  We were juried into the Dufferin County Museum and Archives; I have work at the Edge Cafe; Mannie and I have work at the Orangeveille Municipal building and at the Orangeville Public Library.  Mannie will be showing her art work at the Headwaters Hospital.  November and December have been filled with these displays.

We had been at an "Artpreneur"  (love that word) conference  where the head speaker (Cory Trepanier)  said that the more times people see your work displayed the greater the chance of your name being remembered and of you making a sale.   This is true, as Mannie and I had been in a number of shows last year and people who had seen us at those shows came to see us this year and bought  (in one case one person bought all Mannie's remaining boxes).

In a display case at the Orangeville Municipal building, along with another 14 display cases filled with items from other art gr and community groups.
Can you find our work in this library setting?  Mannie and I have a piece each at the Orangeville public library on the main street.

Raven's Head is once again displayed outside the studio

Mannie's silk painting of hummingbird and hone suckle mandela is displayed outside the studio.

With all these opportunities to display our art work we do not have to store our art work in our studio.   Hurray!


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