Show and Sale Beginnings and other things...

Mannie and I just got word this week that we have been juried into the Headwaters Arts Festival Art Show and Sale. Whoo hoo!! Together! The both of us!! Since we have been in the Dufferin area we have been in the show and sale twice each. The actual show and sale takes place September 23 through to October 2, 2011.

On top of that we helped found the "Riverbend Artists of Grand Valley" in March and by this date it has 20+ members. We have art shows in the village of Grand Valley July2, 2011 to commemorate the village's Sesquicentennial -that's 150 years of existence as a village. Arts have been paired up with local businesses o make a village event -along with the other Sesquicentennial events. Despite only being in the area for 2 years I was elected the organization's first president. What a whirlwind time we're having here.

Just last Friday Elaine and Marian ( came to help me take out gold fish from our pond. I have so many goldfish that they consumed much of the oxygen in the water during the winter and I lost 4 more of my large koi. Many of the gold fish refused to co-operate (getting caught) but I did manage to net a dozen or so for Elaine.

Life is good but the good life is getting in the way of me completing a set of paintings I have started. But, I will put on a push to get them completed soon.


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