and life just keeps getting in the way

We had hoped to get away without doing the roof for one more winter -but it was not to be. Water had wended its way into our home and we could not bear the thought of a spring thaw.

And so December 2 the roofers came and began to reroof with 160 bundles of shingles and who knows how many nails.The front and sides were done and now we were into the home stretch. It had snowed to the north of us. It had snowed to the south of us. But here the sun shone brightly (the temperatures ranged from -6 degrees Celsius to 2 degrees Celsius) and the work moved briskly along.

However, as the shingles were removed from this back portion of the roof it becmae apparent that reconstruction was to be done. And, so, the paneling was removed and low and behold a construction of 2 x 4's held up the roof. Are you kidding me!!!

Needless to say, everything was torn out and redone. But one area that over hung the deck in front of the studio door created a problem for repair. They wanted it gone -Mannie did not!!
While I was out and about inspecting the work, the roofers and framers closed in the roof to make one straight line across the top of the roof. And, I noted, there was some strange activity at the studio door overhang.
They had come up with an awesome dormer for the overhang that not only complimented the other peaks on our roof but helped to divert watershed that had been creating its own problems in the eaves trough system (which we also replaced as the company doing the roofing and re-framing work also does eaves troughs.)

But, the roof and all it entailed did take up time form art work as decisions were constantly being made and plans revised. Nevertheless the work was completed within one week -AND THEN THE SNOW FELL!!!


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