and the "studio" decor continues ....

My son and I wrestled with the top for the desk and work space -all 11 feet of it. We built the tops in three pieces and secured them with L brackets to the underneath of the cabinets.

Note the "step" pattern. However the illusion exists that the shelves are the same depth as the smaller portion of the working surface. But, there is a difference of 4 inches. The shelves were made at a depth of 12 inches to accommodate the various music boxes and large collectibles my granddaughter owns. All in all, the total working space does not dominate the room and stick way into the room.

Note, too the trim around the window almost touches the shelves. We made use of just about every inch of wall space for storage.

Now I'm off to router the trim in a design they have picked out from the various router bits I have.


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